Monday, 3 February 2020


I AM BACK  ---- The weeyin13 blog returns

Hello it has been a while since I last logged in and wrote anything.
But guess what...this is my 50th year, and once again I'm about to make huge changes in my life.  Scary...totally, but I am sure it will be worth it.
So today I am 107.8 lbs and I have £9.07 in my savings account.  Today I am giving up smoking and the plan is to put the daily cost of cigarettes in the bank.  I am working on a 2 year plan to try save enough to be able to study abroad. So only £19,990.03 till I reach my target. 
Any sugar daddies out there wanna help with the target feel free to donate ha ha ha
Until the next time
Aka @weeyin13